Kyma Method

The Spark of Life or the Alchemy of the Breath liberated

“The combination of breath and manual techniques allows to go deeper into the therapeutic field. With each change in state, breathing changes, slows down, accelerates, or becomes jerky depending on the individual’s emotions or inner state”


The Kyma Method combines Manual Therapy, Fasciatherapy, the liberation of the Pericard and Emotional Liberation. It relieves a person’s nerve tensions by cleaning them with all their superfluous, unlocking the breathing rhythm that slows or operates by jerks when it is hindered and compressed by the anxieties and tensions of life.

The Kyma Method combines Manual Therapy, Fasciatherapy, the liberation of the Pericard and Emotional Liberation. It relieves a person’s nerve tensions by cleaning them with all their superfluous, unlocking the breathing rhythm that slows or operates by jerks when it is hindered and compressed by the anxieties and tensions of life.

It differs from all existing manual techniques (Osteopathy, Chiropractic etc.) by its ability to remove muscle contractions and adjust the spine by acting on the front of the body without spinal manipulations, massages or crochets (Moneyron, Cyriax, Bowen etc.) or pressure points (massopuncture, shiatsu etc.) on a precise area of back or lumbar spine.

This method is also very different from Rebirth because it uses different tools.

We act in a standing position because we think it’s the most natural position of the body.

When a person is sick, he is mentally and physically unbalanced and his posture changes. An elongated patient is balanced by the soil. The fact of standing him up means that he is obliged to seek his balance. The Kyma Method is a postural restructuring technique.

By releasing tension in a standing position, the brain contributes to muscle relaxation and body balance because it is constantly looking for the ideal and physical posture.


Sometimes it is not easy for a woman to get pregnant and there are many reasons why a pregnancy does not occur. You can’t sow on dry, arid land. The land must be irrigated and aerated to receive the seed in good conditions.

The Kyma method, by denunciation and promoting the return to movement in the abdomen and the female genital tract, allows to restore the blood circulation and the proper functioning of the ovarian, a condition essential for good fertilization.

The belly is filled with organs that move in relation to one another like vertebrae and they need to be placed in their proper place.

We can’t massage the brain because it’s protected by the cranial box and the belly, seat of emotions or second brain, is the only door to enter and act on the emotional heart and brain.

The belly or Hara in the oriental is the center of gravity. By rebalancing the belly, and thus the center of gravity, we rebalance the individual as a whole, body and mind.

How do you rebalance someone if you don’t put the center back in place first? The belly rebalances and restores the whole body. It’s rekindling the fire that’s extinguishing by giving it another breath.

This method is totally different from Chi Nei Tsang, even though in some ways there is a convergence of ideas and points of view.


The modern man and woman often develop energy blockages in their internal organs because of their negative emotions such as fear or anger, leading to knots and tangles in the abdomen, resulting in a decrease in the flow of energy or Ki, our force of life for the Japanese.

When fascias are released and elongated, the body can return to its optimal structural position. It becomes more balanced, more flexible and better coordinated in its vertical alignment from the front to the rear, from one side to the other, from the top to the bottom and from the inside to the outside. The suffering caused by a bad posture disappears.

We act on all vital systems of the body: (respiratory, bone, muscle and nerve), gynecological (endocrine and reproductive), fluids (urinary, cardiovascular and lymphatic)

It is in this new space that a life-saving breath is reborn. The person being treated can finally break free from the many problems caused by his physical and emotional tensions thanks to the freedom of movements found.

Examples: voice blocked at larynx level, chest breath upset, solar or cervical plexus pain, back and lumbar pain, abdominal pain such as cramps or painful menstruation, hiatal hernia and constipation.

But also, stress mismanagement, burnout, traumas caused by an emotional shock and to end up sleeping disorders.

Balance, Posture, and Gravity

“Who can better than the brain, once freed from its unnecessary tensions, to find the most perfect position or posture for the body? The machine that would do this work has not yet been invented.”


It rebalances posture and helps to liberate restrictive and postural movements of the body. A good posture requires no effort and breathing is easier. Continuous attraction of gravity, stress of daily activities and physical injuries can cause body misalignment.

What is the normal condition of a muscle? It is not tension or relaxation, but intermediate equilibrium, which in turn enables the balance of the nervous system and brain. Fascias can gradually lose their elasticity in case of insufficient effort or permanent bad posture.

The Posture is a reflection of our emotions and our duality in the face of life. The Kyma Method aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning fascias.

Psychological pressure also seems to have an impact on the fascias. Scientists have discovered that under stress, neurotransmitters contract and harden them. The fascias retract, tense and immobilize. Weakness appears with this stagnation of body tissues and fluids (blood and lymph). The door becomes wide open to more serious pathologies.

The Kyma Method has only one purpose: to wake up sleeping tissues

“The ideal principle in Therapies is to release the mind and put the body back in motion”


The person is standing, with his back glued to the wall so that he can relieve his weight when he is in the process of letting go. The practitioner is standing in front of her, his hands are placed on the chest or abdomen of the person depending on the area he treats.

The person remains fully dressed because the practitioner needs the tissue so as not to slide when he acts manually on the movement of the diaphragm, in the compression phase and decompression of the thoracic and abdominal.

Breathing and Emotions

“The only obstacles to body flexibility and free respiratory movement are psychological fears”


Breathing is intimately linked to our emotions and our emotional management will depend on our good or poor respiratory health.

The body is a receptacle of emotions that pass through it, positive (pleasure, laugh, well-being, peace) or negative (anxiety, doubt, guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, etc.).

We know that in a situation of fear, we contract and “almost stop breathing”. When we are anxious or stressed, fascias freeze, heart rate increases, our biological functions are changed, our breathing accelerates and we lose all our means.

Similarly when we have a strong emotion, the fascia (pericarde) that wraps the heart closes to cushion the emotional impact, which causes the diaphragm to shrink and creates a disruptive chain effect on the stomach, gallbladder, esophagus, spinal column, etc. Liberating the pericarde restores the respiratory movement and inflates it to the nerves that were working in slow motion.

The magic of physical activity is that it helps dilute and eliminate all these emotions. This is why many have a “addiction to sport”. Sport becomes a catalyst for emotions but when they become more intense (problems at work, death of a loved one, problems of couple), it is no longer enough. Flexibility of the mind is more important than that of the body.

Emotion Evacuation and Postural Rebalancing

“The simple and natural gesture in Therapies is the hardest thing”


Practitioners of conventional medicine, alternative/brief therapies, coaches in personal development, sports, mental and vocal trainers.

The founder of this method is Bernard Tisné, Osteopath D.O for 30 years. He teaches it with Sébastien Tisné since 2016 in several cities in France and Switzerland. In the near future, several sessions will be opened in Spain during 2019.


Training for Health and Soft Medicine Professionals

“Another Look at Manual Therapies”

In the South West of France (2 miles from Tarbes) and in Paris

Bernard Tisné, Osteopath D.O and Bone Setter

(On RDV)

13, Impasse des Glycines – 65310 Horgues – Tel : 06 80 30 08 80

Consultations in Paris and Barcelona

Sébastien Tisné, Kyma Method and Bone Setter

(On RDV)

Centre Sesame – 39, Boulevard de Magenta – 75010 Paris – tel : 06 68 69 09 63


Short and intense training on “Posture” adjustment and the release of “Emotional Channels”.

Release of emotional pain by returning to natural and spontaneous breath

“The fear of being ill leads man to overconsumption of diets and methods of all kinds, but what method will heal him from anguish, the primary cause of his ill-being and which leads to illness?”

Testimonials from professionals

Hello, Bernard,

Whatever broke yesterday was there a long time ago.
My body says thank you (and me too by the same occasion!) for no longer fighting against this energy, a very black ball, that was inside me.
In any case, today I enjoyed being able to stay in bed this morning until 10am and feel this deep relaxation.
I understand what you mean, not looking for something special, doing what feels good at the moment you do the technique and the consciousness of the person does the rest.
Have a good week, friendly.

Arlette B… Bowen Method


Tao Chi Kai – Holistic Therapist and Ly Chi Gung Instructor. London, UK,

I was humbled and honored that Bernard travelled from his home in the South of France to visit and help me. I have been a practicing Holistic Therapist for over ten years and I have travelled to countries like; Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melaysia and Austrailia in search of teachers and masters in various fields concerning holistic and traditional forms of medicine and healing. I was very surprised and humbled by Bernard’s knowledge, humility and bone setting skills. I have used the services of chiropractors and osteopaths in the past and being in a similar field of study as they, I am always very intuitive in the process and application of their practice. Bernard Tisné in my experienced opinion is a Master of his art. He was able to perform his skills whilst I was lying on the ground – this for me shows the true skills of a Master. The ability to work on a body in any position is a skill not many can attain. After the treatment, my use of my diaphragm was once again optimal. My cranium is now poised correctly with full motion. My balance and sense of inertia and ergonmics is now also optimal. These are just a few things I have noticed in the change of my physiology. Incredible. It is my experienced recommendation that you make time to see Bernard Tisné because he will be able to help you beyond your expectations. His ability and fluid like application is one you must experience for your self. He was able to help me with a number of issues in one session. I counted over thirty corective adjustments including myofascial release. Incredible. Tao Chi Kai, Holistic Therapist and Ly Chi Gung Instructor. London, UK.


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you for your beautiful formation and the transmission of your passion with the heart.
I have learned some very beautiful things that are astonishingly similar to what I am developing in the energetic and the relationship to the emotional.
I also do trainings and I would mention the name of your method to my students if they wish to do your training.
Here is Bernard, see you soon and many thanks again.

Arnault R…. Energy Therapies


Hello, Bernard.

I really liked your training.
It’s a pity you’re a bit far away because I would have come to do a revision.
I’m looking forward to practicing on some of the patients I talked to beforehand.
Thank you for your beautiful Southern accent and your joviality.
Beautiful day to you
Catherine Der….. Hypnotherapist


Good evening, Bernard.

It was such a rewarding training! In fact, I personally felt very beneficial effects!
I have already started to put it into practice around me because I think that everyone should receive a treatment like this one. Do you think that this technique can be adapted to the animals I work with regularly?
Kind regards

Coralie M… Manual Therapies


Hello, Bernard.

I really enjoyed Sunday’s training which was very nice and gave me the opportunity to take a fresh look at the relationship between breath, energy and emotional states.
There is a lot to meditate on what you taught us…
Yours sincerely

Alain Fau… Sophrologist


Hello, Bernard.

I came to thank you for the training you gave us yesterday afternoon in Paris.
I very quickly put your good teachings into practice with my daughter-in-law and then this morning with one of my regular clients.
I really appreciated it. The feedback is very positive and interesting.

Valerie As… Psychotherapy – Hypnotherapy


Hello, Bernard.

I come back to you the day after that diaphragm unblocking training my body enjoyed
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your own awareness

PS: A beautiful vitality and a beautiful joy of life felt after this training
A good night’s sleep and this morning a gentle awakening……THANK YOU……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Beatrice Mora… Sophrologist

Good evening, Mr. Tisné,

Thank you very much again for yesterday’s intervention! I gained a lot more breathing and movement (especially in the pectoral/under the collarbones). It’s like a straightening of the upper body.
It’s wonderful to no longer feel cramped all the time.

Kirsten Ri… Cranio-Sacral and Naturopathic Therapy


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and practice, I have already used it today in my practice.

Nico M….. Psychologist


Hello, Mr. Tisne,

I loved that training. Thank you for all your attention.
I’ll let you know about the practice.
Yours sincerely.

Catherine Mo…. Psychologist


Hello, Bernard,

A phone call that made me feel good. A patient on whom I had unblocked the pericardium asked me if it was possible that after my treatment she no longer had spring respiratory allergies. For 30 years she has had to take cortisone and here nothing !!!
I thanked him.

Yesterday, I had another terrible echo, a patient after the treatment stayed 20 minutes crying in his car, he told me he was much better and (the icing on the cake: “he was light-hearted!”).

Françoise also has very good results in her physiotherapist’s office, a lady interrupted her treatment because it was perfect!
Best regards

Marc and Françoise R… Osteopath and Physiotherapist Belgium


Hello, Mr. Tisne,

I did the Diaphragm Liberation Training with you on February 25th.
It helped my clients a lot. They’re happy.
I thank you for passing on this technique to us.
I’m very grateful.

Hilal Bo… Wellness Massage Practitioner


Thanks again for your advice and training. If you do any new training, let me know. It will be a pleasure
Friendly see you soon

Agnes L… Physiotherapist


Hello, Bernard,

I started using the shared techniques this weekend, it’s amazing.
Thank you for these exchanges.
I’ll see you soon.

Josepha So… Osteopath


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you so much for your generosity.
I liked the content and hope to be able to apply it easily and quickly with my clients.
I’m going to get some guinea pigs to train with.
Great for your advice and if you ever give new training, keep me informed!
Great week.

Nathalie Ca… Hypnotherapist


Very conclusive practice today! Hugues just met a friend suffering from a lumbago and took good care of him. As for me, I managed to unblock an area that resisted all my techniques with your sanding technique, done under the ribs at several depths. Hyper efficient. And awareness of the “wave” to be more fluid when treating patients, it is in the process of being acquired .
Having done several trainings it’s the first time I see someone like you giving so much and without restriction (there is always a kind of retention of information in this field), it’s very appreciable.
Thanks again.
We’ll make good use of it!
Have a nice evening!

Laetitia and Hugues… Osteopaths…


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you for your teaching yesterday. It was dense!
I’m going to put it into practice first with my friends to gain confidence and then with my clients.
Thank you Bernard and have a good trip.

Jacqueline Ba…. Reflexologist


Hello, Bernard,

With a lot of delay but I had a lot of work in this season, I wanted to thank you for the training session in Geneva and give you a little feedback on the experience of relaxing the diaphragm.
A few days after the training, a client comes for a 30mn wellness session in facial reflexology. I do the treatment that she has chosen, which has already relaxed her quite a lot… and I apply your method.
Emotions come with tears and she tells me about a recent death.
I end the session with these words and aches… and she leaves free. A very beautiful session.

Monique Bas…. Reflexologist


Hello, Bernard,

I found the half-day training very interesting.
Thank you very much for it. I look forward to putting it into practice.
Have a good week.
Kind regards.

Sarah Ca…. Acupuncturist


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you for coming…
Your passion to pass on your knowledge to us is highly appreciated!
I was very tired on Sunday evening and on Monday I had some nausea… then my body went into a Kastugen Undo (regenerative movement).
I cracked everywhere: neck, shoulder, elbows, fingers, back, knees, ankles… after that: brand new!
Nice end of the day,
With my warm thoughts,

Annick Hu… …Professor of Seitai

Hello, Bernard,

I hope you’re all right.
Thank you for your training. It’s been very interesting.
I think I’ll incorporate it fairly quickly into my foot reflexology protocols or during my Naturopathic consultations.
Very nice day and see you soon.

Marie-Noëlle Ba…. Naturopath and Reflexologist


Hello, Bernard,

I would like to thank you for this very interesting training. I came home full of energy.
I’m very happy to have had this opportunity and I’m sure it will be very profitable for me.
Thanks again!

Magdalena Le…. Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner


Hello, Bernard,

It’s already been two weeks since we met!….
It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I’m gonna share a piece of it with you . . .
I immediately put into practice what you taught us (it’s rare that I start like that so quickly!…), and people’s “sighs” were very eloquent!… Apart from that, I haven’t had any feedback yet, of course.
Yours sincerely.

Carine C… Speech therapist


Hello, Bernard,

Thank you for this afternoon anyway, I will be glad to come back but in a group of people who already practice in your current (bonesetter, osteos etc…) to go further in the practice.
Good day and good week to you.

Clément My…. Osteopath


Hello, Bernard,

This teaching will greatly benefit me in my professional practice.
Thank you very much.
With my good messages.

Viviane Bon… Kinesiologist


Good evening, sir,

I wanted to thank you for this class.
I wish you all the best in sharing your knowledge.

Antoinette Mo… TCM and Naturopath


Good evening, Bernard,

I thank you in return for this very enriching training. I have a patient on Thursday morning who is very often stressed. I’ll see what I can do to help her.
With everything you taught me on Sunday, I’ll give you feedback.
Thank you for the two people you recommended.
Very interesting.
If there’s any other training I’m interested in.
Friendly and see you soon.

Lucile LA… Reflexologist


Good evening, Bernard.

Thank you again for a very informative afternoon. I will include it in my performance.
I had a lot of pleasure discovering this totally original method and that it is you, its creator, who transmits it to us.
I’m going to follow you a little on your site because I find it interesting to receive the care that you have developed.
So thank you for everything, for your generosity, your simplicity, your tolerance. Thank you to your wife for her kindness and her welcome.
I embrace you both. Take care and see you soon.

Fatiha Sa… Shiatsu


Hi, Bernard.

Thank you again for this beautiful internship. I liked it.
I wasn’t the best in the group, but I’m a “needy” I need time and work !!!
And then it was so intense in quantity and quality. I think I’ll do the course again in a while.
I got home around 11:30 pm.

Marc R… Osteopath


Good evening, Bernard!

A HUGE THANK YOU for the quality and density of your training yesterday.
I went to bed when I got home and then I felt an incredible energy pulsing through my body!
I could clearly feel my heartbeat and the energy flowing through my rib cage, my stomach, my legs.
I didn’t get much sleep as this energy was vibrating in my body but I woke up easily this morning, feeling like my whole body was “wedged” in the moment.
Extraordinary feeling!
The day was fluid, I was very present at my treatments, nourished by your transmission, accompanied.
I have the feeling that everything is possible, the impression of an infinite opening.
So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the magnificent person that you are and your wonderful transmission.
Good evening, Bernard and have a great week!
See you soon

Valerie V… Physiotherapist


Thank you again for this good training course rich in techniques and knowledge.
I put myself in a listening position because I need to assimilate and see the practice of each one.
I will do the same module with more practice next time in Paris.
Don’t hesitate to contact me again.
Thank you again for this exchange of knowledge and techniques, an excellent moment.
Good luck, thank you for this generosity.

Cordially Gilbert B… Manual Therapies



Thank you very much for everything
The training was very beneficial
Have a nice day.

Hind S….. Physiotherapist


Hello, Bernard.

Thank you so much for sharing.
I was listening and will try to put into practice the breathing movement.
I’ll tell you my results. Good day, Yin Yang.

Pierre I… Physiotherapist and Osteopath


Thank you, Bernard.

For me the afternoon was pleasant and enriching.
Friendly Marc

Marc M…. Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Hi, Bernard!
I wanted to thank you for Sunday’s training!
I found it very interesting and to be deepened!
See you soon!

Th…. P….. Physiotherapist


Hello, Bernard.

For my part, the internship seemed to me very dense and very interesting. I would like to come back another time to memorize it better.

Annik S… Osteopath


Hello, Bernard.

Thank you for the internship.
After a good night of maturation, I can confirm that yesterday afternoon was very rich and full of interesting tracks.
Thank you very much for this sharing of the heart.
See you soon in vers Horgues or in Paris.
Best regards

Isabelle B…. Osteopath